hearFARE for Business

Custom Media Outlets

hearFARE is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the history, education and enjoyment of classic contemporary music.

An international website will be established to promote the various genres of music including:

  • Classic Rock
  • Classic Jazz
  • Classic Pop
  • Classic Soul
  • Classic Folk
  • Classic Country
  • Classic Jam sessions 

Each sub page will include:

  • Streaming radio station and APP that is format specific
  • Drop down menus for bios and histories of musicians
  • Drop down menu for concert listings by bands and by geographic location
  • Photo galleries
  • Video galleries
  • Archived podcasts of interviews done by veteran radio personalities 

The website will also serve as a conduit for concert tours, merchandise, digital music downloads, CD's, Cassettes. 8 Tracks and Vinyl.

A portion of the proceeds of this non-profit will be directed as follows:

  • Retirement Funds for Aging Musicians in Need
  • Scholarship Funds for Music Students
  • Instrument Acquisition Funds for Music Students
  • Living Stipends for Promising Future Stars

hearFARE seeks initial funding of $2,500 to complete paperwork, filings and structure necessary to achieve 501-C3 status.

Through the consultation of legal department at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas all documentation will be properly filled out and filed by experts in 501-C3 management operation.

The second round of funding will support the core staff of the non-profit for the course of one year. We are seeking $250,000 in secondary funding to accommodate:

  • Website and Tools
  • 7 Streaming Radio Stations and APPs
  • Salaried Executive Director 
  • Salaried Full Time Grant Writer
  • Salaried Full Time Web Developer/ Software Developer 
  • Salaried Full Time Marketing Director 
  • Office Space and Furnishings
  • Print and Marketing Materials
  • Travel Funding
  • Stipend for 2018 Promising Future Star Award Recipient 

The goal through fund-raising via grants, corporate donors and direct solicitation is $1.3 million per year.

To date, we have had pledges of $500 against our initial goal of $2,500.

Please consider participating in our first round of funding so that we may create the infrastructure and materials necessary to complete this endeavor properly.